Peter Ramondetta – HUF ‘Euro Stoops Tour’ 2013

(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine Issue 205, October 2013, HUF ‘Euro Stoops Tour article’.)

HUF LAYOUT 205.indd

Switch backside nose grind revert, Southbank, London.

You appeared in a video for the Long Live Southbank campaign whilst you were over in the UK on this tour so obviously you’re well aware of how OG that place is, but were you expecting so many people to show up for the demo? The place was bursting; it was pretty crazy, even by London standards…

I didn’t really know what to expect, but it was rad that it was such a good turn out. I guess it shows how important that spot is to skateboarding if nothing else.

What do you think when you hear the name Southbank? Are there particular memories or videos that it evokes?

I think the first time I went to the UK was maybe ten yours ago and Southbank was the first spot we went to go skate. I didn’t know much about it before that but it was my introduction to London skateboarding.

Do you think that spots with that degree of history that that place has, or somewhere like the Brooklyn Banks, or Love Park, or EMB, should be recognised as culturally important spaces?

I think they should, but it’s hard to make people who aren’t familiar with that culture to care or understand that aspect of skate a spot. That could be the way to save this place and others thought I suppose.

Did you get to go anywhere on the European tour that you hadn’t visited before?

I had been to all the places before, but I’d say Copenhagen stood out for me.

How did the injection of new blood into the team van change the vibe of this trip?

It was mellow. Everyone got along on the trip.

You came across like a pretty reserved, mellow guy so how was it dealing with the inevitable hordes of Dylan stalkers at every demo? Did you get asked about any memorably amusing nonsense?

It was no problem. I can’t think of any nonsense.

Backside heelflip, Bridgewater, Manchester. Photo: Jerome Loughran.

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