Two Minutes with Raven Tershy

Had a (very) brief chat with Raven Tershy at the last stop of the Thrasher Vacation tour, here’s what he had to say.

Introduce yourself man.
How’s it going, I’m Raven Tershy.

What do you think of England?
It’s been amazing man. We’ve been here a week, this is the first day it rained so I think we got lucky on that. We got to skate Romford, Harrow, Tottenham DIY; all these epic, like old skate parks I always wanted to skate so, the tours been sick. People are super cool, food’s good (laughs).

Which has been your favourite out of everything so far?
I think probably either Romford or the Tottenham one, just cause we got to barbeque late night at Tottenham till’ like, we were there until like three in the morning cooking food. Had a big old fire, just the vibes were tight.

Who’s killed it the hardest?
Shit, everybody man! P-Stone has been holding the crew together, keeping a tight ship. Uh, Ronnie and Grant have been killing it – Div killed it the hardest today though, Div Adam, he came down for a couple of days.

The dude’s a machine.

Yeah he’s a fucking animal!

So you’ve hit a lot of transition, but what about the street spots. How do they compare to American ones?

We haven’t really skated too many street spots, we got to skate Southbank in London which was cool – a couple of little ledges and banks here and there. Mostly we’ve just been going to parks. I’ve seen a lot of cool street, we went to this spot today in Liverpool, these little banks that go all the way down the hill. But we got rained out, that would’ve been sick to skate.

What did you think to Newbird, Liverpool’s DIY park?

Oh yeah, it was rained out, it looked so fun though! I wish we could have got to skate that.

Would you come back to England again?
Oh for sure man, I’ll be back! (laughs)


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