5Boro, New Balance & Life In Brooklyn with Jordan Trahan

“When I first moved up to New York I skated with Rob Gonyon a lot because he rides for 5Boro and he’s from Queens. This whole Bronze thing started before I even knew it was Bronze. We finished Join Or Die in 2011 and Tombo didn’t want to film VX, he wanted to start doing a HD thing and Peter had a HD camera and we just filmed a few things.

Paul Rodriguez talks Primitive Skateboards & Nike SB

“It’s hard to answer this question without sounding a little…’cocky’ or whatever the term is, but I just felt like it was a window of opportunity within my own career. I might be one of those lucky few who’d be able to do that, start my own brand and move on. That window of opportunity only upholds for so long in skateboarding before you miss your prime, so I’d be kicking myself in the ass five years from now looking back and saying “how come I didn’t capitalise on that?”

Gilbert Crockett – ‘Footage Feast’

Say the name Gilbert Crockett to any skateboarder and the expression returned may resemble one similar to those in days of old when asked about some legendary gunslinger; a subtle nod that says it all. Hailing from cowboy country Virginia, this is a fairly apt comparison for the amount of respect Gilbert receives: at only 26 he’s one of the most interesting skateboarders of today and set to be remembered when it comes to ‘best styles of the 21st century.’