Dylan Rieder – HUF Stoops Euro Tour 2013

“Heath always looks good in photos: all white, all black, whatever. He’s Heath Kirchart.”

Working Life & WKND Skateboards with Johan Stuckey

“I hadn’t even met Keith yet because he was in Europe, he came back and we hit it off super good. I started hanging out at the warehouse because I had nothing else to do and eventually they asked, “Why don’t you just work here?” so I worked there and skated for them. I had to quit HUF to skate for Habitat because that was the only way it was going to work. I skated for them for another couple of years after Habitat ended though.”

Korahn Gayle Interview – Sidewalk Magazine Issue 223

Basically my whole problem is I always change what I think looks good clothes wise… I’m like ‘ah man what was I wearing there?’ and then months later I’ll be wearing something else and be like ‘yeah this is the shit’ and then months later think ‘I look like a dick.’ I might try and do a part in all joggers. I’ve never looked back at joggers and thought they looked whack. I might try film a part in joggers, that’s a plan…

“The outsider in society is rejected because they represent a threat to the values and stability of that society.”

Explore the ways the writers present the outcast in The Tempest, One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest and Wuthering Heights in view of this statement.

House of Vans – Manchester

“This past weekend, Vans brought a pop up House of Vans to Manchester. Doors opened on the Deansgate venue with a gig on Friday, with Saturday’s main event hosting a variety of obstacles including a mini ramp and small street area. Other attractions included a small exhibition on the history of the SK8-HI, fantastic coffee and food stalls, an embroidery workshop and, to the delight of many a cash strapped skateboarder; free waffles.”