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(Featured: Keen Distribution blog.)

RIPNDIP’s roots go back to Florida in 2009 with group of friends at skate camp scribbling the name on their grip tape as a reference to skating a spot then bailing before getting busted. Returning home and deciding to screen print their own t-shirts, eventually the crew would embark on a tour around the US where each demo would be filled out despite the team being made up of completely unknown skaters.


Over the following few years RIPNDIP has grown into a fully fledged clothing brand combining vibrant colours, comical graphics and quality materials while also occasionally producing limited runs of decks. Although now based in Los Angeles, their frequent use of crocodiles and flamingos references back to their Florida origins. RIPNDIP is easily identifiable and well known for their trademark feline figure, Lord Nermal, usually strewn across hats, t-shirts and more. Be on the lookout for more from RIPNDIP and Nermal throughout 2016.

“FL born, LA made.”


Los Angeles, California, United States.



Instagram: @ripndip


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