Anthony Van Engelen on Curved Ledges – A Mixtape (Quartersnacks, 2021)

Anthony Van Engelen on his inspiration for (and love of) skating curved ledges accompanied by a career’s worth of them from his video parts.

Audio is from my interview with A.V.E. for Quartersnacks that accompanied his episode of ‘Favorite Spot’ on the Green Bench.

The song is a little nod to an early cut of A.V.E.’s Mind Field part where he skated to ‘Failures’ by Joy Division (see here) however they couldn’t get the rights to it which is why he skated to The Adolescents’ ‘Kids in the Black Hole’. (Some good talk on that in A.V.E.’s Chrome Ball interview which is a great read.)

Interview and edit by Farran Golding.

Original footage courtesy of: The DC Video by Greg Hunt (2003), Feedback by Ty Evans for Transworld Skateboarding (1999), Guy Mariano via Mouse by Spike Jonze for Girl Skateboards (1996Photosynthesis by Joe Castrucci (additional filming by William Strobeck) for Alien Workshop (2000), Mind Field (extras) by Greg Hunt (additional filming by Bill Strobeck) for Alien Workshop (2009) Propeller and ‘Propeller RAW Files by Greg Hunt (additional filming by Cody Green) for Vans (2015), ‘The AVE Pro’ by Benny Maglinao for Vans (2019), Dancing On Thin Ice by Benny Maglinao and Cody Green for Fucking Awesome (2020)

Music: ‘Digital’ by Joy Division, A Factory Sample (1978)