Hyde Park Picture House presents ‘Favorite Spot’ – A Quartersnacks Series (2022)

(Documentary Journalism, Video Editing, Copywriting, Social Media Marketing, Print Promotion, Graphic Design & Events Management)

In Spring 2022, I partnered with Leeds’ historic independent cinema, the Hyde Park Picture House to screen a series of short films I produce for New York-based skateboarding publication, Quartersnacks.

Pitched as part of their ‘On The Road’ program (a variety of off-site events as the building underwent redevelopment) by hosting the event at Northern Monk Brewing Co.’s Leeds’ Refectory I aimed introduce the HPPH to a new audience by building on an already established relationship between Leeds’ skateboarding community and NMBco. In the interest of safety and social distancing, the event was limited to a capacity 85 requiring a booking reservation through the HPPH’s website. I also organised a free drinks promotion for ticket holders with all reservations selling out prior to the event.

Leading up to the event, I produced various digital and print marketing materials including promotional trailers, social assets, posters, tickets and wrote the event’s web listing – all adhering to the HPPH’s house style.

Copywriting — Event Web Listing

Aiming to interest audiences both familiar and unfamiliar with skateboarding, I provided copy for the event’s ticket listing which aligned with the HPPH’s tone of voice.

(Words: Farran Golding / Image: Cody Green)

Video Content — Event Trailer

A promotional trailer I cut to accompany the above ticket listing featuring excerpts from each episode of the ‘Favorite Spot’ series. The individual trailers for each instalment of the series were also uploaded to my personal YouTube channel for additional audience engagement.

(Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro & Audition)

Social Assets — Event Trailer

I also reformatted the trailer with aspect ratios complimentary for sharing across Instagram and Twitter, respectively. (Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro & Audition)

Social Assets — Instagram Stories

To further promote the event, I condensed trailers for individual ‘Favorite Spot’ episodes into short-form Instagram Story posts. These incorporated HPPH and Quartersnacks branding and were complimented by a static Story I designed featuring the event’s key info with room to embed a link to the listing. The assets were then shared by the HPPH alongside independent businesses in Leeds who have a relationship with the cinema and strong social media following including Welcome Skate Store and Village Books.

(Tools: Adobe Premiere Pro, Audition & InDesign)

Print Promotion

A3 posters I designed, displayed in venues around Leeds in the weeks leading up to the screening. I also produced tickets which were collected upon arrival and redeemable at the event for a free drink.

(Tools: Adobe InDesign)

Social Push — Copywriting & Trailer #2

An additional social media asset featuring HPPH branding and event info, alongside the corresponding copy, which I created to push final ticket sales. (Tools: Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro)

Pre-Event Displays

Digital displays I designed to match similar informational imagery used by the Picture House prior to screenings which were projected as the audience arrived at the venue.

(Tools: Adobe InDesign)

Images courtesy of Johnny Wilson, Will Rosenstock, Greg Hunt, Cody Green and Paul Young.