Lineage: Tom Knox

An interview with Tom Knox discussing his favourite skateboarding ‘lines’ and exploring a selection of his own from Eleventh Hour, Vase and Atlantic Drift.

“A skateboarding line is, in its most practical definition, three tricks with pushes in between – travelling from one obstacle to another – and bridged by a flatland trick. As a result, they offer a comprehensive and nuanced depiction of a skateboarder’s ability. Trick selection, versatility, spot choice, speed, posture, how loose their trucks are, and – arguably the defining aspects of ‘style’ – dress sense and push are all presented in a line. In a Skateboarder Magazine column, Mackenzie Eisenhour summarised that lines “peaked in the mid-‘90s” which stands to reason, in terms of technical progression, although any footage of Tom Knox proves their possibilities aren’t all explored just yet.”