Vans ‘Credits’ Interviews — Slam City Skates

Vans 'Credits' Interview Series | Slam City Skates, May 2020 | Farran Golding

A series of interviews with the crew of Vans’ first women’s skateboarding film, Credits.

Words and editing: FG

Photography: Norma Ibarra

Slam City Skates, May 2020

Breana Geering

Between taking the curtains of Credits and the inescapable accolade of being the first woman to ride for Girl Skateboards, Breana Geering’s place in the grand scheme of skateboarding is already built way past the foundations at just 21 years old. Although, I’m certain Breana would have hated it if I’d have brought that up in as many words. The laugh-a-minute Canadian has a self-deprecating streak – a hallmark of a good interviewee if ever there was one – alongside a penchant for nose wheelie/nosegrind variations. She also loves Amy Winehouse.

24th May 2020

Fabiana Delfino

“The fact we’re tight, and all in this together, gives a sense of relief because shit can’t go that bad.”

22nd May 2020

Una Farrar

“We had all these mini-handicams leading up to a VX. Someone would have a GO1, someone would have a TRV900, someone would have a Panasonic. They all cycled through our friend group but a VX was always the end goal.”

20th May 2020

Shari White

“I left my job but I told them I would be back in six months. As it went on, I never ended up going back.”

18th May 2020