BUBBLEGUM is a documentary exploring the influence of John Carpenterā€™s They Live ā€“ produced in association with Rough Trade Books.

Starring Rowdy Roddy Piper and released in 1988, They Live was fuelled by Carpenterā€™s disdain for Reaganism, mass consumerism and the ā€˜unrestrained capitalismā€™ of the era.

BUBBLEGUM delves into the filmā€™s political undertones which are just as pertinent today ā€“ if not more.

Through interviews with Craig Oldham, designer and editor of They Live – A Visual and Cultural Awakening; academic and author, Roger Luckhurst; and Ben Holmes, owner of Village Books; BUBBLEGUM examines the social commentary, enduring graphical impact and referential legacy of an often slept-on entry in John Carpenterā€™s body of work.

Written, edited and presented by Farran Golding.

BUBBLEGUM premiered on 28th March 2019 as part of Village Books’ closing party for their They Live exhibition featuring emphemera related to the film from the collection of Craig Oldham.


Village Books, Leeds ā€” 28th March 2019

Louder Than Words Festival, Manchester ā€” 8th November 2019