TF Report(ing), 2019 – present.

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‘Sitting Around Hurts My Body’ — An Interview with Cyrus Bennett

“Since I was younger, I’ve always thought that every year, you should get better and I’ve never wanted to turn that off.”


Cyrus Bennett skateboarding on a plastic orange barrier in New York City.

Picking Up Steam — An Interview with Will Rosenstock

“We’ve never really had a lapse in filming in the ten-plus years we’ve been a crew.”


A Brief History of Andrew Allen’s Bank Spots

“I remember telling Dylan Rieder I wanted to do every trick in my part where I landed into a bank. He looked at me like I was crazy, but I really wanted to do that.”


‘Imagine If You Could Just Rip Across That’ — An Interview With Dick Rizzo

“From an early age, Paul [Young] and I would fuck around and refer to spots as an ‘urban huck’. We’d run that pretty hard.”


‘A Certain Amount Of Suffering’ — An Interview With Anthony Van Engelen

“With skating and making videos at that time, you’re always in that fight until it’s over, so that’s how everybody approached them. People lost their minds doing these things.”


‘The Fundamentals Of Skating Are In A Video Part’ — An Interview With Gilbert Crockett

“Just putting those tools down and pretending they’re not important, I feel that’s a little disrespectful towards the “old” way of doing things.”


‘My Role Is To Show That It’s Magical’ — An Interview With Lucas Puig

“I’m just trying to have fun and I’ll still try tricks for three hours if I feel like they’re worth it.”


‘Skating Belongs To The Kids’ — An Interview With Michael Nicholas

“The kids didn’t want to have titles, but I was like, “Dude, people need to know who the hell you guys are.”


‘A Place For The Nerds’ — An Interview With Nick Sharratt of The Palomino

“My missus wanted to kill me because it’s half six in the morning, she’s asleep and I’m three feet away pulling parcel tape off the roll, and hunting for a DVD before I get ready for work.”


Nick Sharratt | The Palomino Club | Farran Golding Portfolio | photo: Chris Mann

Deeper Understanding — An Interview With Charlie Birch

“I won like 200 quid and thought I was minted. Then, the next weekend, I went to another competition and won a £100, so I thought I was a millionaire.”


Photo credits: Cyrus Bennett by Paul Coots, Will Rosenstock by Thomas Goldman; Andrew Allen by Andrew James Peters; Dick Rizzo by Mike Heikkila, collage by Requiem For A Screen; Anthony Van Engelen by Anthony Acosta, collage by Requiem For A Screen; Gilbert Crockett by Anthony Acosta, collage by Requiem For A Screen; Lucas Puig by Sem Rubio, collage by Requiem For A Screen; Joseph Campos by Razy Faouri from ‘Untitled’ by Michael Nicholas; Nick Sharratt by Chris Mann; Charlie Birch by Alex Pires, artwork by Lost Art, collage by Requiem For A Screen.