Slam City Skates

Selected articles for Slam City Skates, 2019 – present.

Lineage: Tom Knox | Slam City Skates Interview | photo: Wig Worland


“There’s usually a rhythm to these things”

Slam City Skates, 31tst July 2020


Mason Silva

“Having such a set in stone way of doing it, that’s what I was really drawn to: the people whose style you could see a silhouette of and you’d know exactly who it is.”

Slam City Skates, 24th July 2020


Andrew James Peters

Mentors, Heroes and Monster Children

Slam City Skates, 15th April 2020


LIGHTBOX: Gino Iannucci by Ben Colen

“It was like he wasn’t going to bother landing it if he wasn’t going to do it perfectly.”

Slam City Skates, 13th March 2020



Andrew Allen

For all the things Andrew Allen has in spades (debonair button-ups and polo shirts, switch tricks, a taste for off the beaten track spots and equally idiosyncratic approaches to them), there’s something he seems to have no grasp of whatsoever. Ego.

Slam City Skates / 6th February 2020


Bobshirt’s Tim Anderson: “For every era, that’s the golden era.”

Slam City Skates / 22nd January 2020


Mark Suciu: A Brilliant, Horrible Career

“To a degree, with Verso, making a chiasmus and giving a whole section of skateboarding that structure; the fact that I read books and that I am this kind of person dictates how I skate and put together a video part.”

Slam City Skates / 29th December 2019


Milton Keynes Skateboarding History with Leo Sharp and Wig Worland

“Into a vacuum like that came the city’s youth looking for somewhere to go. That was us on our skateboards during the post-Back to the Future resurgence in the mid-to-late ‘80s.”

Slam City Skates / 10th December 2019


Caleb Barnett Interview

“[New York] has more of the shit I want to skate. I like being able to skate, or ride a bike, to a spot and not drive, you know? It’s a totally different scene but I feel like it works better for me.”

Slam City Skates / 10th December 2019