Quartersnacks — Five Favorite Parts

All collages by Requiem For A Screen. Shari White – portrait by Norma Ibarra. Nick Jensen – portrait and ollie by Reece Leung, art by Nick Jensen. Jack O’Grady – portrait and frontside 5050 by Thomas Robinson. Josh Wilson – frontside 5-0 by Mike Heikkila, art by Will Gaynor for Quasi Skateboards. Jahmir Brown – portrait by Juliet Evangelista, noseblunt by Mike Heikkila. Una Farrar – portrait by Kane Ocean, pola jam by Norma Ibarra. Chris Jones – portrait by Reece Leung, backside kickflip by Sam Ashley. Mason Silva – portait by Mason Silva, 360 flip by Gabe Morford. Mark Suciu – backside 180 nosegrind by Zander Taketomo, still from ‘Verso’ by Justin Albert. Dom Henry – switch kickflip from Cottonopolis by Sean Lomax.