Quartersnacks — Five Favorite Parts

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“Filming for Mother, I’d watch a bunch of Workshop stuff with Gilbert and Jake, and try to do something similar or figure out, like, “They have this thing that’s their thing. What’s my thing?”

All collages by Requiem For A Screen. Elissa Steamer by Bram De Martelaere. Shari White – portrait by Norma Ibarra. Nick Jensen – portrait and ollie by Reece Leung, art by Nick Jensen. Jack O’Grady – portrait and frontside 5050 by Thomas Robinson. Josh Wilson – frontside 5-0 by Mike Heikkila, art by Will Gaynor for Quasi Skateboards. Jahmir Brown – portrait by Juliet Evangelista, noseblunt by Mike Heikkila. Una Farrar – portrait by Kane Ocean, pola jam by Norma Ibarra. Chris Jones – portrait by Reece Leung, backside kickflip by Sam Ashley. Mason Silva – portait by Mason Silva, 360 flip by Gabe Morford. Mark Suciu – backside 180 nosegrind by Zander Taketomo, still from ‘Verso’ by Justin Albert. Dom Henry – switch kickflip from Cottonopolis by Sean Lomax.