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Bill & Tyshawn’s Excellent Adventure

In 2012 the New York filmmaker William Strobeck was tasked with shooting a commercial for Supreme. When he arrived at the brand’s original store on Lafayette Street, Strobeck met a 13-year-old kid from the Bronx named Tyshawn Jones. Strobeck had never filmed with Jones before, but by the end of that first day together, Jones would show the first glimpse of what, a decade later, made him the most famous and respected young skateboarder on the planet.

Global Creativity Awards Issue — April/May 2023

Alexis Sablone and Converse Have Made the Next Iconic Skate Shoe

“Something classic has that capacity where it’s just enough—but not too much—in the right places; simple but has enough detail where it feels really considered and can stand out. In terms of design, for me, that’s a good ethos anyway: keep pulling stuff away until you feel like you find the right spot. “

Web — May 2023