Stefan Janoski Interview – Sidewalk Mag Product Guide 2013

Stefan Janoski(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine Product Guide, Fall 2013)

Your shoe is one of the most popular skate shoes on the market right  now. Was it surprising to see such a demand for it? Thanks!  When I got the final sample of my shoe, I knew it was amazing, exactly what I  wanted, and I haven’t worn another shoe since.  I’m psyched that everyone  loves it as much as I do!

How involved were you with the design of the shoe?

I was 100% involved. It took many samples, sketches and drawings, but the end result  is the best shoe ever!

You are rarely, if ever, seen not wearing your shoe. What did you  skate before you began developing the Janoski? Was there any influence, Nike or  otherwise, from certain shoes you’ve skated in the past?

Since the  first sample, I have only worn my shoe. Recently, when I’m chilling, I’ve worn  the Project BA shoe. My influence for the Janoski was boat shoes and old school  skate shoes.

The Janoski was one of the first shoes from Nike that really  succeeded with the ‘less is more’ approach. What aspects of skateboarding did  you focus on when designing the shoe?

I’ve always liked to skate in  slim minimal shoes, so I can feel my board. It was important for me to have  separation from feet to board and I wanted function over protection. Minimal  amount of materials, flat toe, low cut, and Vulcanized were also important  features for me.

What was it about the ‘boat shoe’ aesthetic that appealed to  you?

I wanted to make sure that my shoe had a classic and timeless  style. I used to wear boat shoes a lot, because they look cool and casual.

Since the Janoski’s release there’s been an abundance of different  colour ways and both a mid top and Velcro version. Do you prefer experimenting  with a silhouette you really like instead of working on another  shoe?

Yeah, my shoe is great the way it is. It looks good on  everyone. I think I got it right on the first try.

Nike SB’s other models such as the Dunk and Blazer have a large following with ‘sneaker heads’. Shortly after release the Janoski did too. Were  there any colour ways you really liked or thought stood out?

There  have been hundreds of colours man, they are all really cool so it’s hard, if not  impossible to pick a favourite but I loooove Velcro!! The past is the  future. And the future is Velcro.

What should Stefan fans look out for from you in the near  future?

Habitat is almost done with a Thrasher online video, so  there’s that. Also, lots of cool colourways and collaborations, music, art,  writing…space exploration.

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