Greg Hunt on Anthony Van Engelen, ‘Dancing On Thin Ice’ & The Green Bench

I recently interviewed Greg Hunt for the Quartersnacks ‘Five Favorite Parts’ series where he discussed Anthony Van Engelen’s part in the Fucking Awesome & Hockey video, ‘Dancing On Thin Ice’. I thought it was really cool that the only part of AVE’s which didn’t have Greg behind the lens made his own list of personal favourites, and it was insightful to hear about how their relationship over the years, and his objectivity in this instance, impacted his viewing of it. Here, Greg narrates AVE’s Thin Ice part and weighs in on the return of the Green Bench. Head here for the full Five Favourite Parts with Greg.

Interview and commentary edit by Farran Golding • ‘Dancing On Thin Ice’ courtesy of F.A. & Hockey, filmed by Benny Maglinao and Cody Green • Bonus archival footage via AVE’s Quartersnacks ‘Favorite Spot’, filmed by Greg Hunt and William Strobeck

Related: Favorite Spot with Anthony Van Engelen on The Green Bench (Quartersnacks, 2021), ‘A Certain Amount of Suffering — An Interview with Anthony Van Engelen’ (Quartersnacks, 2021), The Greg Hunt Interview: Transworld to DC, Alien Workshop’s ‘Mind Field’, remembering Dylan Rieder & ‘Ninety-Six Dreams, Two Thousand Memories’ with Jason Dill (Speedway Mag, 2018)



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