Hyde Park Picture House presents ‘Favorite Spot’ – a Quartersnacks series

On March 18th, I’m screening my Quartersnacks ‘Favorite Spot’ series in parternship with the Hyde Park Picture House. The event brings together all five short films as part of the Picture House’s ‘On The Road’ program, hosted and supported by Northern Monk at their Leeds Refectory – The Old Flax Store.

“Favorite Spot is a documentary series exploring the relationships between skateboarders and space.

From urban plazas, to national monuments, to seemingly incongruous pieces of street furniture, these locations colloquially known as “spots” can hold profound and often personal significance to the skateboarders who interact with them. For professionals, such locations can become integral to their careers as moments captured on video allow for a near-biographic portrait of the most influential figures within the culture.

Produced by Leeds-based journalist Farran Golding for New York publication, Quartersnacks, this screening brings together all five Favorite Spot instalments, depicting the nuanced and often humorous relationship skateboarders have with the wider world.”

Favorite Spot with Gilbert Crockett on SunTrust
Favorite Spot with Anthony Van Engelen on The Green Bench
Favorite Spot with Dick Rizzo on Grant’s Tomb
Favorite Spot with Max Palmer on the Canal Fountain
Favorite Spot with Andrew Allen on L.A. High

Original videography by Will Rosenstock, Greg Hunt, Cody Green, Benny Maglinao, Colin Kennedy, William Strobeck, Paul Young, Peter Sidlauskas, Tyler Cichy, Tyler Smolinski, Johnny Wilson, Waylon Bone, Logan Lara, Daniel Wheatley

“Surely among the best of our new skate media, Farran Golding’s Favorite Spot series blends archival video with the voices of skaters who know, and likely love, these places better than anyone.

Golding’s curation of clips is as thoughtful and effective as his silent role in these rich, ranging, and extremely fun conversations. As our lives are increasingly defined by learning how to ignore, each new Favorite Spot is cause for settling in, hunkering down, and opening all receptors.”

Kyle Beachy, author of The Most Fun Thing: Dispatches From A Skateboard Life

“A real act of cultural preservation. The stories shouldn’t die with the spots. Future generations will appreciate the thoughtful insights.”

Patrick Kigongo, Mostly Skateboarding podcast

Tickets are £1 and include a drink on arrival courtesy of Northern Monk.