The Top 10 Best of ‘All White Everything’

(Featured: Ripped Laces, ‘The Top 10 Best All White Everything Tricks’, 9th July 2014.)

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Heath, Rowley, and Templeton are without a doubt the pioneers of All White skateboarding. It’s a brave look that few have pulled off because so few have had the courage to try. While in more recent times it’s become a staple of Team Handsome, its made some of the most eyes catching tricks caught on film that much more appealing. Doing a trick is a great accomplishment but doing one in All White can escalate a seemingly average photo into an iconic ranking. The contrast of this outfit against any background will project a bigger aura to an otherwise unimpressive trick. Here are the final five best examples of tricks performed in the debonair attire that is head-to-toe All White. Enjoy.

Tom Karangelov – Tailslide, Zero ‘Cold War’

When I first started writing this, I quickly delved into ‘Tom Karangelov x Wugazi’ in hopes that the finer details of his noseblunt onto a rock had eluded me, and said trick was in wondrous all white. Unfortunately, it was an all black banger instead. Therefore, here is this list’s only ‘the one that got away’ mention – you could’ve grabbed the blank outfit that day Tom…*sighs*…let’s get on with things.

Tom K - Tailslide

While unsure if there is a definite successor to the A.W.E. crown, I believe it could be Tom Karangelov. Enigmatic, modest, underrated and slightly self depreciating, he could be Heath’s long lost son. Aside from his skateboarding ability, what I find most intriguing about Tom is his view and work ethic regarding being a pro skateboarder. It’s almost cliché to hear skateboarders say ‘I worked hard so I could skate instead of having to work a real job’ which is fair enough, but how often do we hear anyone who would be down to do the opposite, just to continue enjoying skating? Never. The dude even held down a regular job while filming for Cold War and still produced one of the best parts in that video, wherein lies this tailslide. Honestly, I don’t really know what it is about this tailslide that’s so outstanding, but simply it just looks damn good. I’ve it seen from three angles (two in Cold War, one in print) and it looks rad from all of them. Perhaps it could be the reference to Heath, a combination of the outfit, whilst simultaneously channeling this tailslide and also Kirchart’s legendary curved hubba cover. Regardless, while this is my favorite, there’s plenty more all white Tom K footage for you to choose from so why not refresh yourself…

Alex Olson - Wallride

4. Alex Olson – Wallride from full pipe. – ‘cherry’
Although a lot of people complained about the way this trick was filmed, it’s undeniably rad and this photo does it justice. Imagine pumping up and down in that thing to do anything aside from an ollie to fakie, let alone gap to wallride. Look closely too, it’s pretty damn skinny. Extra credit is certainly given for landing so high on the wall and while he loses points for the pigtails, this still deserves recognition as far as all white ‘fits go. More ‘cherry’ type trickery please Alex, a bit less blue steel…

Geoff Rowley-All White

3. Geoff Rowley – Frontside Tailslide Revert – Sidewalk Magazine Issue 119
Thanks to a combination of Geoff’s influence, amazing spots and a rad scene; skateboarders from Liverpool are both fucking amazing and really humble. But when you share a hometown with Geoff Rowley, you’ve got a lot to live up to. Also the owner of Liverpool’s Lost Art skate shop, Dave Mackey, is probably older than your dad and better at skateboarding than you. So there’s plenty of motivation in the air to step it up.

However, hailing from the days where you could get your ass kicked by scumbags just for being a skateboarder; it was that gnarly when Geoff was younger. In fact, the police station was even a skate spot because all of the cops were constantly dealing with hectic shit.
A product of this environment, it’s universally known Geoff is an all around hard bastard. Over the years we’ve seen him take many a slam to get back up and blow us away before he’s completely finished. This cover is no different and it’s the context that makes it so great. After a night of getting seven shades of beige knocked out of him in a drunken brawl, Geoff then proceeded to skate a demo and deliver this banger…whilst nursing two black eyes and covered in blood. Oh and don’t be misled, that rail is fucking high. More on this cover.

Dylan Switch Backside Flip

2. Dylan Rieder – Switch Backside Kickflip – Monster Children ‘Team Average’ 2.0
In regards to Heath Kirchart’s career, it’s been said he’s a legend ‘because 1,000,000 man-crushes can’t be wrong’, and skateboarding’s DKNY clad dreamboat is no exception. As of last summer Dylan was spotted frequently head to toe in white, paying homage to a Heath’s influence, which has in turn brought the look to a younger generation. While this left us with wondering whether ‘the Heath’ will become ‘the Dylan’, it won’t, but he is one of the few to pull it off whilst adding to the look. Mr Rieder substituted the classic black shoes for white slip-on’s and a tucked in shirt that now goes hand in hand with A.W.E (#trendwatch #sohotrightnow). This switch backside flip from Monster Children Magazine’s annual ‘Team Average’ tour is performed with trademark Dylan power and finesse. Suave as the guy doing the trick – pop, catch, turn, roll away into the sunset and light a cigarette. So dreamy…


1. Heath Kirchart – Kickflip over the fire hydrant line – ‘Stay Gold’
Like Heath wasn’t going to take the top spot of this list. Before I ramble on about this kickflip, it’s got to be reminded how amazing this part was. Not just in terms of skateboarding, but HK and Joy Division is a match made in heaven. It’s a further travesty that it’s hidden on the Stay Gold DVD and still continues to elude skateboarders to this day.

Honorable All White mentions have to go to the frontside flip over the gap from his Mind Field ender, front blunt down the Stanford hubba (with a lean back to make Dylan blush) and finally the obvious MegaRamp backside 360 nosegrab. Fuck it, anything from his part could have taken this spot but for me, it has to be this kickflip. After 360 flipping off a curb Heath tanks a few pushes leading into him floating this perfect kickflip over a fire hydrant. Honestly, this could go down in history as one of the best kickflips ever done, let alone decked out in all white. What follows is icing on an already perfect cake; bomb the hill and flip off a car. 100% Emerican, 100% cool fuck.

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