Getting to know Elijah Berle with Corey Duffel

“He didn’t skate like a kid. He skated like a man and, obviously if you look at his footage now, he still skates like a fucking man.”

Feedback Welcome – Ted Barrow (Feedback_TS) Critiques Welcome Skate Store

“The notion that skateboarding needs a critic is, of course, absurd. Skateboarding speaks for itself, and doesn’t need a commentator. With Instagram, however, when we post skateboarding clips, we are, even if subconsciously, looking for feedback, or approval.”

An Interview with Katherine Ormerod – author of ‘Why Social Media Is Ruining Your Life’

“I started to feel really uncomfortable, I was sending out the message that my life was only the fantasy.”

Tom Knox – ‘Footage Feast’

(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine, 12th February 2015.) Brick walls to stairs, awkward banks to road gaps, LA school yards, to lines spanning halfway around London; combined with an outstanding trick selection, eye for obscurities and an always fantastic choice of music – it’s no exaggeration to say that Tom Knox is one of the finest BritishContinue reading “Tom Knox – ‘Footage Feast’”

House of Vans – Manchester

“This past weekend, Vans brought a pop up House of Vans to Manchester. Doors opened on the Deansgate venue with a gig on Friday, with Saturday’s main event hosting a variety of obstacles including a mini ramp and small street area. Other attractions included a small exhibition on the history of the SK8-HI, fantastic coffee and food stalls, an embroidery workshop and, to the delight of many a cash strapped skateboarder; free waffles.”

Emerica – Wild In The Streets, Manchester 2015

“Sacking off Granada Studios due to there being way too many cars, Castlefields was the next point of call with Rob Smith telling CJ that as photographer it was his job to get someone down the rail. So ensued remarks about getting Woody to throw himself down it again, he is probably sick of hearing about that day…”