Descent Skateboards

  (Featured: Keen Distribution blog.)

Arriving in winter 2013 with the mission statement declaring of ‘a hazardous journey to save skateboarding from the descent into mainstream culture’ – Descent Skateboards is owned and operated by Chris Pulman while artistic contributions have come from James Jarvis alongside sculptor Arran Gregory. Following his Spherical Dialogues showcase, Pulman was intrigued by Jarvis’ ability to convey ideas about space, psychology and philosophy as parelels could easily be drawn in relation to skateboarding and has incorporated his artwork into each series since.


Chris Mann and John Wildesmith were two of the first additions to the company. The past spring saw stylish South Yorkshiremen Myles Rushforth brought on board along with Newcastle’s Will Creswick who has a section in Adam Todhunter’s Coast to Coast, released earlier this year. Mancunians Jacob Johnson and Joe Roberts would also find their place at Descent while most recently Joe Paget was welcomed to the team. Myles is currently finishing off his second Yorkshire scene video titled Fresh Eggs and Coke, due for release around the new year, after which the whole team are planning to work on a promo.


“You have to get up to get down.”


United Kingdom.



Instagram: @descentskateboards



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