Welcome Skateboards

(Featured: Keen Disrtibution blog.)

Welcome Skateboards Logo

Lovers of all things magical, mythical and just plain weird; Welcome Skateboards have introduced the joys of shaped boards to a new generation as one of the few brands to completely shy away from standard popsicle shaped decks. Founded in 2010, owner Jason Celaya started the brand simply because he felt that no company made a shape he wanted to ride and as a way of rejecting all that is ‘normal’ within skateboarding, placing a focus on individuality and selling enough boards to give a few to his friends for free was also a humble intention in the brand’s early days.


While the demand for Welcome has grown, the company still prides itself on imaginative artwork along with colourful graphics and personalities to match. Their light hearted approach has often been commended as has the theme of relatable skateboarding running through the brand. Although assuring that their team has “(clearly) not been assembled based on whom the media wants to promote…” Welcome’s riders are sure to leave popsicle purists baffled at what can be accomplished on their variety of strange shapes. Though the team is also predominantly made up of street skaters guest boards from transition legend Chris Miller are available, usually paying homage to some of his classic graphics from over the years.

“We take our product seriously and not ourselves.”


Los Angeles, United States.


Website: welcomeskateboards.com

Instagram: @welcomeskateboards

Facebook: facebook.com/welcomeskateboards

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