Gilbert Crockett on Greg Hunt, ‘Mind Field’ & Video Parts — Vans: ‘Alright, OK.’ with Commentary

A couple of years ago I interviewed Gilbert Crockett for Quartersnacks. It’s one of my favourite interviews, Gilbert is one of my favourite skateboarders, and it’s also where the ‘Favorite Spot’ series began. A lot of our conversation focused on Gilbert’s relationship with Greg Hunt and Will Rosenstock, who had just worked together on the Vans project Alright, OK, alongside the personal significance of making video parts to professional skateboarding. Here, I cut together the majority of the interview as commentary for his Alright, OK part. You can find the original Quartersnacks interview here (which also features Gilbert talking about getting to know Jake Johnson, Jake’s influence on him, and working on the Alien Workshop Cinematographer Project section).

Interview & Commentary Edit by Farran Golding • Alright, OK by Greg Hunt for Vans • Gilbert’s Alright, OK part filmed by: Greg Hunt & Will Rosenstock • Music: “B Dos” by Reverend Baron (intro), “Cream of Gold” by Pavement (main part) & “B Tres” by Reverend Baron (outro) • Additional footage via Mother by Quasi Skateboards (2018), Gospel by Will Rosenstock for Venue Skateboards (2017), ‘Life Splicing 004: Gilbert Crockett’ by Alien Workshop (2011) and PROPELLER by Greg Hunt for Vans (2015)

Related: ‘The Fundamentals of Skating Are In A Video Part’ — An Interview with Gilbert Crockett (Quartersnacks, 2020) • Favorite Spot with Gilbert Crockett on SunTrust (QS, 2020) • Gilbert Crockett Interview (Sidewalk Magazine, 2017)



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