Dick Rizzo on Banks & Frank Zappa — Quasi: ‘Grand Prairie’ with Commentary

In summer 2021, I interviewed Dick Rizzo for the Quartersnacks ‘Favorite Spot’ series. With Rizzo being a favourite of mine, alongside me being a big fan of New York skateboarding and Quasi coupled with the then recent release of Quasi’s Grand Prairie, it seemed like a perfect time to do a more career spanning piece too. Here, Rizzo narrates his part in Grand Prairie via audio from his Quartersnacks interview talking about his attention to bank spots and skating to Frank Zappa. Head here for the full interview which covers his New Jersey origins, early days in the Bronze videos, turning pro for Quasi and into the recent past.

Interview & Commentary Edit by Farran Golding • Grand Prairie courtesy of Quasi Skateboards, 2021 • Dick Rizzo in Grand Prairie filmed by: Paul Young, Will Rosenstock, Jeremy Tubbs, Matt Velez and Blake Matthews • Music: ‘Valarie’ by Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention

Related: Deep Dive with Dick Rizzo & Paul Young on Hi8 and East Coast Influences (Quartersnacks, 2023), Favorite Spot with Dick Rizzo on Grant’s Tomb, ‘Imagine If You Could Just Rip Across That’ — An Interview with Dick Rizzo (Quartersnacks, 2021) • Dick Rizzo & Josh Wilson on Quasi, New York & Bronze 56K (Speedway Mag, 2016),



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