Jason Dill — Alien Workshop ‘Mind Field’ Pro Series, 2009

A few years ago I interviewed Greg Hunt and talked about the process of putting Mind Field together, including the blockletter typography featured at the start of each part and seen across this board series.  “We really wanted everything to be shot as a physical element and not have titles that were completely created as graphics on a computer,” said Greg. “I was more involved in that because it was everyone’s introduction and it was going to be on the cover. [Mike Hill and Chad Bowers] had gotten into this magnetic oil which, since then, I’ve seen a lot of people do outside of skateboarding. When you put a magnet under it, it spikes up and moves around. From there they cut steel letters they could make the title of the film and the riders’ names from. They kept fucking with it until they found something which felt special and they were really into.”

Head here for the full interview with Greg’s covering his early days at TransWorld, working on The DC Video and into the Mind Field era, his friendship with Dylan Rieder and photography book on Jason Dill, Ninety-Six Dreams, Two Thousand Memories.



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