Josh Wilson & Dick Rizzo on Quasi Skateboards, New York City and Bronze56K

“I wasn’t sure what I would have been able to do on my skateboard that could’ve impressed the fan base’s idea of a new guy on Chocolate so when Quasi came along it felt right to join something that was brand new.” – Dick Rizzo


Quasi Skateboards

Launching in March 2015 with the bold tagline ‘no more corporate blues’, Quasi Skateboards began life as Mother Collective…

Gilbert Crockett – ‘Footage Feast’

Say the name Gilbert Crockett to any skateboarder and the expression returned may resemble one similar to those in days of old when asked about some legendary gunslinger; a subtle nod that says it all. Hailing from cowboy country Virginia, this is a fairly apt comparison for the amount of respect Gilbert receives: at only 26 he’s one of the most interesting skateboarders of today and set to be remembered when it comes to ‘best styles of the 21st century.’