Josh Wilson & Dick Rizzo on Quasi Skateboards, New York City and Bronze56K

“I wasn’t sure what I would have been able to do on my skateboard that could’ve impressed the fan base’s idea of a new guy on Chocolate so when Quasi came along it felt right to join something that was brand new.” – Dick Rizzo

Working Life & WKND Skateboards with Johan Stuckey

“I hadn’t even met Keith yet because he was in Europe, he came back and we hit it off super good. I started hanging out at the warehouse because I had nothing else to do and eventually they asked, “Why don’t you just work here?” so I worked there and skated for them. I had to quit HUF to skate for Habitat because that was the only way it was going to work. I skated for them for another couple of years after Habitat ended though.”

Austyn Gillette talks knee injuries, 3D Skateboards, HUF & his debut shoe.

I told him my situation, I told him Dylan’s situation and said that I’d probably be able to get Dylan on the team and we both wanted to ride for the same team so I asked him if he was interested and that’s how it came about as far as that. You could trust a guy like that. You’re not weary or hesitant of his promises or anything that he has to offer you. You know it’s honest and genuine.

Modern Love: David Bowie & Skateboarding

(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine, 12th June 2015.) David Bowie is often considered a musical chameleon, seamlessly adapting as tastes change without ever compromising himself; able to navigate into that which is relevant whilst remaining original all the while. To back this flexibility up, consider how many skateboarders have been accompanied by Bowie over the years, evenContinue reading “Modern Love: David Bowie & Skateboarding”

Peter Ramondetta – HUF ‘Euro Stoops Tour’ 2013

“I think the first time I went to the UK was maybe ten yours ago and Southbank was the first spot we went to go skate. I didn’t know much about it before that but it was my introduction to London skateboarding.”