(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine Issue 205, October 2013, HUF ‘Euro Stoops Tour article’.)

What impression did you get of the UK skate scene from your visit?

I was only there for two days, but from what I gathered it seemed like you guys have got a good thing going on.

Were you expecting so many people to turn up for the Southbank demo? It must’ve been a bit of a trip to see a public area in the centre of London get taken over like that…

We didn’t really expect too many people to show up at any of the demo so it was rad, especially at Southbank. It was amazing to see so many people passionate about supporting the Save Southbank campaign too.

What’s your take on the current situation as regards Southbank and the skater-led attempts to save it from redevelopment? Is it a spot that you were already familiar with?

I’ve never skated there before, but I’m familiar with it the extent of seeing it in videos. I would say more power to the local skaters as far as saving the spot.

Are any of the iconic street spots that you grew up skating/watching on video still around? Or have they all fallen foul to skate stopppers or redevelopment?

It’s inevitable for skate spots in LA to be skate stopped or destroyed, so I guess you get used to it.

Palace Skateboards are synonymous with Southbank and you just did a demo there, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t at least ask if you saw the PWBC news clip that you featured in. What did you think of it?

Who’s the PWBC?

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