Austyn Gillette talks knee injuries, 3D Skateboards, HUF & his debut shoe.

I told him my situation, I told him Dylan’s situation and said that I’d probably be able to get Dylan on the team and we both wanted to ride for the same team so I asked him if he was interested and that’s how it came about as far as that. You could trust a guy like that. You’re not weary or hesitant of his promises or anything that he has to offer you. You know it’s honest and genuine.

Factory Records & Footwear Sponsors With Tom Karangelov

“I feel like New Balance isn’t trying to buy the big names, we are just trying to get a team of dudes that travel well together, get along, love skateboarding and are down to work on project based videos. Hopefully NB can shine through all the bulIshit in that way.”

Brian Anderson Interview

“I think it’s important to have other interests. Just get out, leave your board at home one day, or just go for a bike ride. As I’m getting older I’m getting into stretching and doing things to take care of myself, I’m always walking my dog. Drawing is really helpful; I wouldn’t recommend graffiti because you can go to jail. But stuff like that is always cool. “