Quasi Skateboards

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Launching in March of 2015 with the bold tagline ‘no more corporate blues’, Quasi Skateboards began life as Mother Collective. The idea for the company came after Alien Workshop’s shutdown the prior summer with the former Workshop riders and former Sect member Chad Bowers taking a year off to before putting plans for the company in motion. The brand’s announcement swiftly and surprisingly shut down frequent rumors of jumps to Fucking Awesome, Krooked or Polar despite all of the team being seen skating their boards over the previous twelve months.

Collection 2.1 Preview

The initial run of Mother Collective boards flew off skate shop walls prompting another two releases of the graphics in new colours. However, during these early days Bowers received a cease and desist letter from another company who had already trademarked the word ‘mother.’ Dismissing it, as the reality of trade marking such a commonly used word seems insane, the company was soon hit with a case of the corporate blues they had only just shed; choosing to change to company name rather than call it quits so soon. Discovering that no variation of ‘mother’ or ‘mom’ could be claimed either, after running it by the team, the name Quasi was settled on.

Collection 2.1 Preview

Jake Johnson is currently filming for a GX1000 project and Tyler Bledsoe is working on separate sections for both Fourstar Clothing along with a debut part for HUF Footwear. Quasi’s video debut came with a much anticipated solo part from Gilbert Crockett on October 12th while Bowers has made it clear there are plans to work on a full video (likely including the new amateur members of the team joining Crockett, Johnson and Bledsoe at the time of writing). Keep an eye out for the latest offerings from Quasi at your local skate store.


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Dayton, Ohio, United States.


Website: quasiskateboards.com

Instagram: @quasiskateboards

Facebook: facebook.com/quasiskateboards

“We do not check this Facebook page. Ever.



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