The National Skateboard Co.

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It is safe to say that The National Skateboard Co’s origins are grounded in mystery. Prior to any official launch, t-shirts were sent out to various skate shop owners throughout the UK emblazoned with an unknown brick patterned logo, black blocked out text alongside a tag listing the first riders. With absolutely nothing in regards to a name, news instantly took to Sidewalk Magazine’s forum where speculation quickly grew with the result leading to over one hundred pages of name game hilarity spawning over the following days.


Dave Mackey, Josh Young, Tom Harrison and Danijel Stankovic made up the first full roster, with Neil Smith and Mackey’s Liverpudlian prodigy Vaughan Jones also jumping on board shortly after. Vaughan would quickly become an official am while Denis Lynn would take up a slot as full team rider the following winter. The company has also welcomed a fair few more additions over the last couple of years, gaining both international members Gregoire ‘Bloby Greg’ Cuadrado and Daniel Gronwall alongside more Liverpool blood though Tom Tanner. Smith and Stankovic became the company’s first pro riders in 2014; while the most recent series of boards saw legendary ex-Blueprint rider Colin Kennedy received a guest pro model.


The National Skateboard Co. has consistently grown with carefully considered graphics and well produced soft goods in addition. Featured a wide range of art styles including paintings by Tom Brown’s grandfather for some of the first boards and ‘The Disappeared’ series highlighting various notable missing figures throughout history being just a couple of standouts. A promo for the company was released a few months after announcement, whilst it’s riders have featured in various videos for Nike SB and scene videos including ALBION just last year. The National Skateboard Co’s full length video is currently in the works and will hopefully be released at some point in 2016.

Tom Harrison, Heelflip.


United Kingdom.


Instagram: @thenationalskateboardco


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