Catching Up with Casper Brooker

“I broke up with my girlfriend right in the middle of that part and that affected it a little bit. Which is basically what happened with my ‘Vase’ part too…”


Tom Knox on ‘Vase’ & Isle Skateboards

“He’s such a big part of it, we’re just skaters and obviously we have our parts but Jake created this whole thing. We all make up a part of Isle and a part of this video but without Jake it’s just a load of footage jumbled up somewhere.”

Tom Knox – ‘Footage Feast’

(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine, 12th February 2015.) Brick walls to stairs, awkward banks to road gaps, LA school yards, to lines spanning halfway around London; combined with an outstanding trick selection, eye for obscurities and an always fantastic choice of music – it’s no exaggeration to say that Tom Knox is one of the finest British […]

Nick Jensen on Art, Isle & Vase

Rounding off this series of ‘Vase’ based interviews is Nick Jensen. Due having not seen the video at the time the following conversation took place, I invited Jacob Harris along to not only fill in for any absent information on my part, but it seemed quite fitting and deserving for Jake to spend some time […]

Catching Up with Casper Brooker

“I was pretty unreliable, which I regret so much now as I should have put all my effort into the video for the whole time, not just the last nine months you know? That stuff happens when you’re nineteen/twenty; you just go through a phase of having your head elsewhere…”

An Interview about Vase with Jacob Harris

“What you find when you’re doing a project like this, of about two years, you really have a strong idea of the direction but find when you actually go to edit that your ideas and aesthetic has been fairly vague when it comes down to making a concrete thing. Your ideas are not that grounded, not that fixed and it suddenly takes a lot of work to realize the things you wanted to do and you don’t actually end up doing it the way you wanted to in the beginning.”