Nike SB Chronicles Volume 2

(Featured: Sidewalk Magazine Issue 207, Folk-lore, December 2013.)


Featuring a selection of recognized names and more low key rippers, Nike SB’s Chronicles Volume 2 is here and does not disappoint. The filming is rad, there’s a few nice editing touches with artwork from Neckface who has collaborated with Nike SB for this video and a mainly enjoyable soundtrack along with each part bringing something that will appeal to every skateboarder.

Goodfella Donovon Piscopo opens the video with a well rounded mix of creative lines, rail hammers and tech mastery. This is a breakout part you’d have to be a complete mook not to enjoy and when someone can do a perfect frontside bluntside 270 out, Busenitz speed lines, gap over rails into wallrides and all in style, ‘well rounded’ is actually quite an injustice. There’s also a couple of up handrail grinds that even Mr Romero would be jealous of and two last two tricks that are complete jaw droppers. The rest of part also remarkable, Piscopo is definitely one to look out for in the near future.

Theotis Beasley follows with a varied selection of flip in and out combinations that flag up memories of golden age P-Rod footage. While the skating is great, the musical selection is as equally bad but thrown in are a more than few filler shots of Theotis in his usual beyond stoked demeanour to remind us all what a nice guy he is. Next up is remaining Team Handsome member of Habitat Skateboards, Daryl Angel with plenty of springy popped manoeuvres and handrail action (gap to switch crook on a double set being a great one). The part is a nice blend of outright bangers mixed with simple and yet incredibly stylish tricks and high speed lines. ‘Smooth’ sums Daryl’s section up pretty well and provides a nice calm contrast to the flip in/flip in out nature of some of the other sections.

Continuing from his domination at Downtown Showdown and every Street League event earlier this year, Luan Olivera goes hard with plenty of tricks that would be bangers as singles let alone lines. There is only so casual a skateboarder can be at switch fliptrick variations until it becomes worryingly subconscious in appearance. It’s hard to pinpoint certain tricks that are really outstanding as it’s all so good and any who has watched Luan skate once knows what to expect; switch 270 heelflip out of a tailslide, stomped perfectly bolts was a particular eyebrow raiser… Justin Brock tanks it through his section getting as dirty as his southern dwelling in the progress and skates numerous spots so rough it’s hard to consider them spots at all. The most prominent being a ditch that appears so full of wheel biters it would be hard enough to bomb down let alone kickflipping a channel at top speed. Knuckles are in order also for the most outright gnarly ender of the video complete with speed wobbles that look like a minor earthquake occurring.

Definitely not taking the ‘less is more’ approach, Shane O’Neil tops Luan’s fliptrick counter with endless flip, grind and manual combinations. Every every clip is interesting to say the least so the part is not the ‘Tony Hawk’s combos on speed’ some may have been expecting. The amount of NBDs (not in terms of the spot but as in ‘never done, ever.’) is also astounding and while O’Neil is known for his next level board control, some of the tricks towards the end take multiple rewinds to figure out what was just witnessed. Plug yourself in and chill out Ziggram.

Ishod Wair takes the last part and further proves to be a Skater of the Year contender. With a heavy mix of lines and rail skating, Ishod’s part keeps up the pace from start until finish. Without spoiling too much the multiple kinks, seemingly never ending lines and even a wallride onto a handrail make the section is absolutely ender worthy all the while performed with a smile on his face.

After this amazing ensemble it will be interesting to see the line up for Chronicles 3 (although it’s confirmed Brian Anderson is making an appearance). Chronicles 2 should be available for purchase by the time this mag hits shelves.


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