Summarising the impact of digital technology on the role of journalists over the past twenty years.

To summarise the impact of digital technology on the role of the journalist across the last 20 years it is conducive to consider key developments within the digital age during this era. It is also useful to assess how generic modes of communication, including the internet and social media, have influenced changes within news reporting.Continue reading “Summarising the impact of digital technology on the role of journalists over the past twenty years.”

Isaac Wilkinson: the O-ONE FUCKIN’ SIX-ONE interview

“Literally a week before the premiere I had to re-edit the video. I was so bummed out. I sat in uni for two days straight, about twelve hours each, editing on lockdown and nipping out for a fag every so often. Then coming out at 10:30pm with tunnel vision.”

Silas Baxter-Neal Interview – Sidewalk Magazine Redux #2

Interview with Habitat Skateboards and adidas skateboarding rider, Silas Baxter-Neal. Curated for Sidewalk Magazine ‘Redux’ Volume Two.

Vaughan Jones & Andrew ‘Evz’ Evans Interview

“Within five minutes of picking the boat up we had ran onto dry land. The canal is a bit shallower at the side so we got stuck on that straight away. I nearly fell off the boat when he crashed into ours. He’s doing well, I’ll give him that, but he can’t park it to save his life.”

Black Sheep, Manchester & New Balance Numeric with Paul Harrison & Tez Robinson

“You can choose a team that reflects the brand well without the dollars and the aggression and all the rest of it. It’s kind of a fun thing with New Balance; there is no drama, no pressure, no hefty sales.”

Getting Sober and ‘MADE Chapter Two’ with Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long

Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long talks the ‘This Is Skateboarding’ years, ‘Stay Gold’, getting dropped by Emerica and Baker and making a comeback in ‘MADE Chapter Two’. (Sidewalk Magazine, 2016)

Skate After School, Education & etnies with Ryan Lay

“Skateboarding, much like basketball, is a really affordable sport so you give a kid a skateboard and even if he has nothing he can still learn how to skate and can easily progress.”

Dennis Busenitz – ‘Away Days’ Interview

“Yeah, I don’t know if I’m particularly proud of my parts or whatever, just looking back at them reminds me of a whole era of my life. Bad fashion choices, tricks and just different times.”