Joey Guevara Interview & AWS Detroit Footage Log

“People that knew Alien weren’t backing it. It is nearly impossible to bring back the same feel with all new dudes. Some people are just really stoked to be skating the boards again. I think we may have the chance to get a new generation of kids psyched. I’m happy that Hill has got the brand back and product has been looking good. It’s good to bring everything back to its roots.”

Gilbert Crockett – ‘Footage Feast’

Say the name Gilbert Crockett to any skateboarder and the expression returned may resemble one similar to those in days of old when asked about some legendary gunslinger; a subtle nod that says it all. Hailing from cowboy country Virginia, this is a fairly apt comparison for the amount of respect Gilbert receives: at only 26 he’s one of the most interesting skateboarders of today and set to be remembered when it comes to ‘best styles of the 21st century.’